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    There is no comparison between two stage and single stage systems in terms of comfort. A two stage system will give you more airflow and reduce humidity which reduces mold and makes the home feel better. Better than the choices you listed, Trane has a three ton 18 SEER XV system which provides 700 levels of cooling between .7 tons and 3 tons.

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    Apr 19, 2018 · Single-stage and 2-stage ACs Single-stage AC ( least expensive ) : True to its name, a single-stage compressor motor only has 1 speed: ON. Basically, when a single-stage AC comes on, it blasts cold air at , quickly reaches the desired temperature and then shuts off.

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    Single Stage Units Two-Stage Units. Life cycle cost (LCC) is another way to analyze the cost savings. Using a 20 year project cycle, eight percent discount rate and two percent energy escalation cost, the LLC for the single stage unit is $122,183, compared to $114, 625 for the two-stage unit.

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    In colder climates, however, investing in a two-stage furnace makes sense. While it may cost more upfront than a standard furnace, over the life of the furnace, the operational differences will result in lower energy bills and a higher level of comfort. Don't let the number of layers of clothing you're wearing dictate comfort during the winter.

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    We'll cut straight to the point: No, the energy savings alone most likely won't make purchasing the 17-SEER air conditioner over a 14-SEER worth it. All other things being equal, a 3-ton, 17-SEER air conditioner will likely save you just $66/year in cooling costs over the same size 14-SEER air conditioner (see our calculations below).

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    The single-stage heat pumps are the most affordable, or cheapest of all three – that is why these are recommended for budget-oriented families. The two-stage unit can cost from a few hundred to over a thousand dollars more, while the variable cost the most, reaching a .

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    Two-stage or single stage, that is the question. All air conditioning systems work pretty much the same way; a coil inside the home removes heat and a coil outside exhausts the heat outdoors. That's it. Where it gets more complicated is choosing the correct unit for...

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    Carrier 59SP2A060E17-14 60000 BTU, Up To 92% AFUE, -Position, Single Stage, Single Speed Gas Furnace View Product Carrier 59SP2A080E17-16 80000 BTU, Up To 92% AFUE, -Position, Single Stage, Single Speed Gas Furnace

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    The Cost Factor in Single Stage, 2-Stage and Modulating Furnaces. Single-stage furnaces are the most affordable. Two-stage furnaces cost more 10% to 20% more, depending on the brand and series. Modulating furnaces cost 20% to 30% more than 2-stage furnaces, though that gap will probably close as the technology is used more often.

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    Trane Single-Stage XR95 Prices. This unit is highly rated in gas furnace reviews for affordability. It costs less than some 95% AFUE furnaces because it is a single-stage burner. You'll save on equipment costs but won't get quite the same indoor climate control.

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    Eastwood's Single-Stage Urethanes offer a 3:1 mix ratio (thoroughly mix three parts single-stage urethane paint with one part 21856ZP Activator). No additional reduction is required, although we do offer a urethane reducer that some experienced painters may want to add to increase flow out (generally not needed, and may increase the likelihood of the paint running if added).

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    32. A company is considering the use of a single-stage cost allocation process. Under what conditions would this choice be justified? A. The company has many service departments but only one production department. B. The company produces a few products with similar characteristics in a .

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