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    The first one is done directly on-the-spot with heavy equipment, the asphalt is prepared as a cold mix after being fragmented. The second one is done in the plant as a grave emulsion. It is done for pavement maintenance when overlaying is not a viable option. In order to adapt to every possibility, CECA provides a flexible emulsifier.

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    Redicote E-6945 • Co-emulsifier and stabilizer for slow-setting anionic bitumen emulsions n n n Anionic rapid & Medium set Rediote E-62 • Provides high float characteristics to the emulsion residue. Offers lower viscosity and easier storage and handling n Thickener Alcogum L-265 • Easy to handle liquid thickeners for anionic emulsions n

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    Bitumen Emulsions. Variables in emulsion production include the base bitumen and the type and amount of emulsifying agent. There are two basic classifications of emulsions globally usually used, anionic bitumen emulsions and cationic bitumen emulsions. The type (chemistry) of the emulsifying agent used, determines the designation.

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    Bitumen emulsion units (depending on the desired size of bitumen droplets) use three groups of colloid mills. The first group of colloid mills provides 90% of droplets with a size of less than 5 microns (a minimum size of a droplet of 1-2 micron).

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    Vinyl coated papers or paper-backed vinyls should NOT be hung over RUBBER BITUMEN EMULSION. RUBBER BITUMEN EMULSION will provide a waterproof membrane on bridge abutments, retaining walls, culverts, concrete or brick foundations. It acts as a .

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    Bitumen Emulsion are classified on the basis of Electrical charge. Emulsifier envelops itself on the bitumen droplet and provides electrical charge on surface of bitumen globules preventing them to coalesce. ANIONIC. It is the first category of emulsion that was engineered for road construction.

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    The transformation of the dispersed asphalt phase present in the emulsion to the continuous binder phase in the pavement is a key process in all the applications of asphalt emulsion. This chapter provides in-depth analysis of emulsion production, emulsion properties, and curing mechanisms through fundamental theories of dispersion stability and ...

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    The obtained bitumen emulsion provides good sealing properties and a hydrophobic coating. It also retains a rough surface and texture of the asphalt concrete to ensure good adhesion of car wheels under both dry and wet conditions.The wear layer is protected from the effects of weather factors.The protective bitumen emulsion provides low cost maintaining of the surface during the operation.

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    ExxonMobil's global network of refineries provides you with superior product integrity and predictable supply of asphalt to support your business.

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    25 rows · Bitumen Emulsion are classified on the basis of Electrical charge. Emulsifier envelops itself .