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  • Flex-Lag® Bondable Pulley Lagging

    To eliminate belt slippage, increase pulley life, improve water shedding, and boost productivity, Flex-Lag ® Bondable Pulley Lagging is a smart choice. Its design allows for installation in a fraction of the time compared to conventional lagging because Flex-Lag does not require removing the pulley from the conveyor system.


    S - Standard Duty M - Mine Duty Q - Quarry Duty QAR - Quarry Duty AR E - Engineered Class PART NOMENCLATURE Lagging No Suffix - No Lagging Bushing No "B" Face no bushing C - Crown F - Flat Diameter Example: 120=12.0" 065=6.5" Pulley Style D - Drum W - Wing Face Width In Inches Lagging Thickness 2 - 1/4" 3 - 3/8" 4 - 1/2" 5 - 5/8" 6 - 3/4 ...

  • Douglas Manufacturing Inc.

    Our product line includes: CEMA class heavy duty pulleys, mine duty pulleys, quarry duty pulleys, engineered class pulleys and pulley lagging, CEMA Class idlers, magnetic separators, magnetic pulleys, impact beds, take-ups and conveyor accessories including the patented Guardian™ Return Roll Guard.

  • PPI: We Keep it Moving

    PRO DUTY® PULLEY . THE ONLY PULLEY THAT OFFERS A 10 YEAR WARRANTY AND DOES THE JOB OF HEAVY DUTY, MINE DUTY, AND QUARRY DUTY PULLEYS. The PPI Pro Duty pulley has proven time and time again why PPI continues to be a top supplier of pulleys in North America and has been for more than four decades.

  • Engineering & Dimensions CONVEYOR PULLEYS – BULK .

    QUARRY MAX DUTY WING PULLEY The Quarry Max Duty Wing pulley is made for severe applications where wing folding and abrasion issues are a concern . It has massive contact bar and thick ... lagging is machined flat, then grooves are machined in at an angle . This results in a training action . As the rubber is compressed by

  • Quarry duty :: Mages of Mystralia General Discussions

    Quarry duty puzzle door in the quarry. Spent 45 minutes brute forcing this thing and still can't figure it out. Doesn't help that there are 0 empty slots so you're always going to be overlapping another slot if you're testing out a configuration. Anybody know the solution offhand? < >

  • Conveyor Pulleys | Applied

    To service any industry with a conveyor demand, Applied carries conveyor pulleys in a variety of pulley types, sizes, capabilities and brands. Choose from trusted manufacturers like Precision Pulley & Idler, Emerson, Browning, and Dodge, trust Applied to deliver you top quality solutions.

  • Conveyor Drum and Wing Pulleys - ASGCO Conveyor Solutions

    Heavy Duty Conveying Pulleys . Martin's Lagging is designed to meet the demands of your application. We offer Ceramic Lagging custom fit to your application, vulcanized rubber, cold bond lagging and strip lagging.Other lagging compounds such as Urethane, EPDM White Food Grade FDA approved rubber, SOF (static conductive/oil resistant/flame resistant) and many other lagging products are also ...