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    Shale Shaker. The SMICO Shale Shaker is a high speed, adjustable angle linear drive screener set up for oil field service. The top mounted inertia coupled dual motor drive is dependable, adjustable and simple to repair with off the shelf motors and drive components.

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    1. n. [Drilling] Abbreviation for shale shaker, the primary and probably most important device on the rig for removing drilled solids from the mud. This vibrating sieve is simple in concept, but a bit more complicated to use efficiently. A wire-cloth screen vibrates while the drilling fluid flows on top of it.

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    RVS Shaker. RVS is the new name for the fine screen shale shaker we manufacture and market. RVS stands for "Rotary Vibrating Shaker." Its unique drive system develops 11,000 lbs, of thrust to handle exceptionally-high mud and cutting volumes. There are no belts, chains, or there's no down-time to service them.

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    7. Dual shale shaker - Rumba Model 102. 8. Two (2) C.E. F-1300 triplex mud pumps, each driven by a 1,300 hp D.C. motor with C.E. PD-5 pulsation dampeners. 9. Three (3) Mission 6 x 8R centrifugal mud mix and super charge pumps with 75 hp A.C. motors. 10. Three .

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    Desilter is mainly composed of shale shaker, hydrocyclones, etc. The liquid outlet of centrifugal pump and the liquid inlet pipe bend of desilter should be connected with pipes, the liquid inlet pipe bend can be rotated any angle around the vertical axis, the overflow pipe both ends of desilter are symmetrical, all can be the overflow end.

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    Sebagai lokomotif perekonomian bangsa Pertamina merupakan perusahaan milik negara yang bergerak di bidang energi meliputi minyak, gas serta energi baru dan terbarukan.Pertamina menjalankan kegiatan bisnisnya berdasarkan prinsip-prinsip tata kelola korporasi yang baik sehingga dapat berdaya saing yang tinggi di dalam era globalisasi

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    In 1938, Mr. Hutchison introduced the "RUMBA" shale shaker to the drilling industry to separate hole cuttings from the drilling mud. He coined the phrases "Shale Shaker" and "Rumba Action" to describe the shale shaker's vibratory motion. Today Hutchison Hayes continues to be a leader in this field with its high performance drilling mud centrifuges.

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    Rumba shale shaker, (2) 50 gpm desander, set to drill reverse air or straight mud. Price for mud system: $110,000. INGERSOLL RAND RD20 (Ref#4769) Top Head Drive, 6000' rig - Manufactured 1989, 900/350 HR2 IR air compressor, 12V71TA Detroit diesel, 110,000# pullback, deep hole package, 25 gpm water injection system, 55 gallon hammer oiler,

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    shaker tank of approximately 400 bbls with two (2) 6†x 8†series 250 centrifugal pumps powered by a 60 hp ac electric motor. one (1) swaco 12 cone desilter, one (1) swaco 2 cone desander, one (1) swaco see-flo degasser, one (1) swaco 15 hp horizontal mud agitator. two (2) swaco mongoose shale shakers.

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    Nov 23, 2015 · Most drilling rigs are equipped with at least one shale shaker. The purpose of a shale shaker, as with all drilled-solids removal equipment, is to reduce drilling cost. Most drilling conditions require limiting the quantity and size of drilled solids in the drilling fluid. Shale shakers remove the largest drilled solids that reach the surface. .

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    Khalsa Oilfield Equipments manufacture shale shaker screen with layered pretentioned & plastic bounded screens for Kemtron/Harrisburg Liner Shakers (overall size 1219/718mm).

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    Shale Shaker: Hutchinson Hayes, Rumba 4860 Also: 160 BBL's of water storage, Doghouse, Drillograph and Tool Pusher Trailer

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    Jun 15, 1976 · 1. For 30 × 30 mesh coated screens were installed on shale shaker 12. Four 40 × 40 mesh regular steel screens were installed on shaker 13. A double Rumba shaker 6 and 7 FIG. 1 with 14 × 14 mesh screens was run ahead of the R.V.S. shakers.