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  • The Use and Performance of Asphalt Binder Modified with ...

    The Use and Performance of Asphalt Binder Modified with Polyphosphoric Acid (PPA) This Technical Brief provides an overview of the implication of the use of Polyphosphoric Acid as a modifier for asphalt binders and implications in relation to asphalt pavement performance. Background . The modification of asphalt binder to improve performance

  • Lime Treated Soil Construction Manual

    amount used to permanently stabilize the soil. The changes made to lime-modified soil may or may not be permanent. The main distinction between modification and stabilization is that generally no structural credit is accorded the lime-modified layer in pavement design. Lime modification works best in clay soils. The Chemistry of Lime Treatment3

  • The benefits of modified asphalts | Asphalt magazine

    The benefits of modified asphalts. According to the Asphalt Institute's " (MS-4) Asphalt Handbook", modifiers and additives being used to boost performance include polymers, chemical modifiers, extenders, oxidants and antioxidants, hydrocarbons and anti-stripping additives.