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    material storage temporary use permit (FF-60611) for the SW ¼ of Section 32(MS 71 -0-034-2). DNR shows a mining claim (ADL 502387) along the north edge of the site in Section 29. Its status is unclear. The site adjoins the Richardson Highway right-of-way and there is an existing access road. The site appears to contain significant s of quantitie


    quarry floor that is under enough pressure to force water 20 feet above the drill mast. Thick overburden to the east of the quarry indicates poor potential for further reserves in that direction but there is good potential to the west. At the west end the vein is capped by the diorite host rock (see sketch map) .

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    mineral processing permit. ar. Quarrying means the process of extracting, removing and disposing quarry resources found on or underneath the surface of private or public land. as. Quarry permit means a document granted to a qualified person for the extraction and .

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