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    Oct 02, 2012 · Fallen Cannabis Warrior. The addition of dolomite lime, hardwood ash, bone meal, crushed marble, or crushed oyster shells will help to raise the soil pH. by MisterIto In soil: add dolomite limestone to the soil; use small amounts of hydrated lime. Raising hydroponic pH: (to make it more alkaline) In hydroponics: use potassium silicate,...

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    Oct 09, 2009 · Oyster shells will leach calcium into the water. Either one would effect your pH. For both of these it's a matter of degree. Some bags of crushed shells of either will have less readily dissolved parts. At some point, they'll be stable. You could try suspending a bag of either in your toilet tank or in a sizable stream to monitor for a couple of days.

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    Apr 21, 2009 · A calcium deficiency in the soil is one cause. Crushed oyster shell is one source of calcium. Others are lime, gypsum, egg shells, rock phosphate, bone meal, fish bone meal, probably crab and shrimp meals, azomite, etc. Some of these raise the soil pH while adding calcium (lime in particular, oyster shell, probably azomite).

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    Dec 07, 2016 · How to Grow Oysters in an Aquarium. They require pristine water conditions and copious feedings to thrive. These are best limited to one or two in a fish or reef aquarium. An oyster-only tank is a better option, as most aquarium fish cannot tolerate the high flow and amount of food necessary in oyster keeping. Spiny oysters are the most commonly kept in home aquariums.